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7 Safari

7 Safari

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'Lions and Rhinos and Birds, Oh my!'Players participate on a wild animal adventure in this math/strategy card game. Illustrations of the various animals are by artist Oliver Freudenreich.The mission of each player is to scout the jungle and collect as many different animals as possible, for as many points. Animals have different point values on their cards. Meanwhile, watch out for nasty hyenas which will snatch away points. Whoever ends the game with the most animal points is the 'King of the Jungle!'Players will sharpen their addition and subtraction skills as they search for animal cards with the right combination of numbers for the best score. They also will learn strategies and see spatial relationships in the jungle grid. Advanced players will also learn about probability and negative numbers, with the alternate rules...Originally Published in German as Alles fur die Katz:In Alles fur die Katz The animals in the zoo are loose and players must attempt to collect one of each type out of a face down grid which represents the zoo, but must avoid collecting any black cats which do not belong in the zoo. Adults should be sure to use the Advanced Rules to ensure an interesting game. Otherwise, the rules are the same as the English version (7 Safari).The title means 'Everything for the Cat' and may have an idiomatic meaning of 'all for nothing'. Illustrations of the animals are also by artist Oliver Freudenreich.(Note: This is the same game as INVALID OBJECT ID=7705, type=thing, but with hyenas instead of cats.) - BoardGameGeek

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