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Advanced Squad Leader

Advanced Squad Leader

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Advanced Squad Leader is the completely reorganized and re-designed version of the original Squad Leader system. While ASL is 'advanced,' it actually is a simpler game than the original Squad Leader became after the first gamette. This three-ring binder is the basic rules for the entire system, and provides the ultimate combination of playability and detail. Full-color charts and beautiful pictures make this the most readable of rulebooks - and includes a full-service index as well for quick reference.And ASL is more than 'squads' - the system includes the rules for everything from machine guns to bazookas, tanks and ordnance weapons, paratrooper drops, glider landings and beach assaults. And much more. This set of rules is constantly kept up to date by expansions included with the modules.This is just the rulebook. To start playing the game the newcomer must get, at least, the Beyond Valor - ASL Module 1. There are a great many ASL Modules available. - BoardGameGeek

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